Project Description

We offer the following health insurance benefits

Monday: 8 am, ONLY for Marcoumar or Sintrom patients, i. for patients who have a blood thinning test

Tuesday: 8 o’clock in the morning sober, that is, from 8 pm on the previous day nothing more to eat and drink.

We ask you to make an appointment for the blood test.

For organizational reasons, first the children and adolescents are called, then the working patients, then the patients, who do not have to work on that day. Non-registered patients will be called in the end.

Only in this way can we keep waiting times as short as possible for you.

Many laboratory values are paid by your health insurance. However, some have to be paid for themselves. For example, Checking the vaccination status, vitamin determination, trace elements, … (list is not complete).

As a service for our patients, we carry out various forms of therapy such as electroplating, ultrasound, iontophoresis, inhalations etc. directly in our office.

Why make a preventive examination?

The screening program provides an extensive examination program for all persons aged 18 and over once a year. This health check affords personal advantages: if the medical examinations give first indications of a disease, then time has been gained to counteract. An individual consultation with the doctor is intended to provide information on a healthy lifestyle and to provide support in the event of change. You will learn how to take better care of your health.

What is to be considered?

  • Take the urine tube with you

  • Take the booklet for the fecal sample from the age of 50

  • come sober to draw blood 1-2 weeks before the scheduled examination on a Tuesday at 8am

  • Bring the vaccination card!

  • Do not forget glasses!

  • Do not forget your eCard!

  • a punctual appearance approx. 10 min. beforehand is requested

The last healthy examination must be at least a year ago.

If you cannot hold the appointment, you have to cancel in advance, ie 1 week before !!!

All examinations of the mother’s child pass are carried out, and also the sugar load test is be offered.

We ask for a timely date agreement

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Fresh injuries can be provided in the ordination according to the extent. Smaller, more predictable operations can also be carried out on request.

For our diabetics we offer the support program „Therapy active – diabetes under control“. This is supported by most health insurance companies.

If you are not a member yet, please contact us at the ordination, you can register and profit from the advantages of the program!

It is now scientifically proven that patients in the program have a higher life expectancy!

As a participant in the program, we can provide you with optimal support for your type 2 diabetes mellitus. We ensure that regular eye inspections, foot examinations and HbA1c determinations are made and unnecessary duplicative examinations are avoided.

The participation in the program is voluntary and free of charge and can be terminated at any time.

Take part in one of our special trainings.