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Therapy with energy

Therapy with energy

Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy that has its roots in the system of ancient Chinese medicine. The focus of this medical system is the idea of a fluid life force, also called life energy, Chinese qi, on the effect of all life expressions are based.

You can talk to Dr. med. Ritter in which body dysfunction it can be used and if this is a possible alternative therapy for you.

Those who prefer treatment in alternative and complementary medicine must be prepared to bear most of the costs themselves. For selected diseases can be settled directly with some health insurance companies.

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What do you have to consider?

  • At the beginning of each treatment is a detailed initial conversation.
  • You have to count in usually 10 session for a treatment.
  • For each treatment please appear 10 minutes before the appointment.
  • Please take a big bath towel with you.

Brand new, we also offer acupuncture for smoking cessation.